Four Reasons To Shop Locally

Four Reasons To Shop Locally

The festive period has sadly come to an end, so we've been reflecting on what it means to shop locally and the impact on the Cumbrian economy.

Since launching in March last year, the reaction to our candles has been amazing! We are so glad to share our products with more people who are looking for a sustainable, local and eco-friendly option.

Every candle that we make is hand-poured in small batches, unlike other companies who mass produce their products in factories. This is exactly how we want to keep our process as we feel it gives a special 'human' touch that machines just can't replicate!

Without further ado, here are four reasons for you to shop locally... 

1. Local produce is unique

Handmade products are always unique, and often aren't available anywhere else. A handmade touch makes products feel more special, and makes them become more than just "another thing" that was mass-produced for a supermarket.

For example, lots of independent bookshops stock local authors to give them a chance before they reach mainstream stores. This gives them a unique opportunity to support lots of up-and-coming authors, which in turn supports the bookshop and the readers (by providing them with a great book that hasn't been read by many others yet!)

In candle-making, no two batches are ever the same...

...and this is especially true due to the nature of soy wax! The wax makes a variety of weird and wonderful patterns on the top layer of candles, giving them added colour and character called soy "frosting".

Although every batch of candle smell the same, the colours can also be lighter or darker depending on the room temperatures at the time of cooling - this is another feature that makes every batch unique!


2. It's the ethical choice

When you buy products from large retailers and supermarkets, the items are often imported and have a huge carbon footprint. They also tend to wrap things in plastic, which takes a long time to decompose and usually ends up in landfill.

When you shop at your local bakers, farm shop and greengrocers, the journey the products have (from making the products to ending up in your shopping basket) is usually considerably shorter, and many have removed the use of single use plastic bags / unnecessary packaging. Paper bags are commonly being used, which makes recycling a lot easier.

Shopping locally ensures that you know exactly where the product has come from and removes the air miles needed to import foreign goods. It feels great being green and helping the environment!


3. It's personal

When someone starts a business, they put their heart and soul into trying to make it a success. This is why it's so rewarding when people enjoy what you have created!

Most independent business aren't being led by stockholders or boards of AI... they're being led by normal people.

It takes roughly 24 hours to create a batch of candles - from preparing the wicks and tins, to melting wax and mixing oils, to the final cooling process. A lot of time and craft goes into every batch, which is how we make sure the high quality of the final products is exactly what you would expect.

We don't use any fancy machinery in our candle making process either. Everything is done by hand!

This helps us to ensure we give you the best experience possible, from scent throw to burn time. 


4. It contributes to the local community

By spending your money locally, you're investing money back into your community. Choosing to shop local helps your community to thrive.

A thriving town centre can improve house value and put pressure on local councils to improve transport links and local amenities , so everyone's a winner... not to mention you are supporting creative and innovative local talent!


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